The Scents of Fame - 5 Best Celebrity Perfumes!

celebrity perfumes
Celebrities are also fashion icons and our idols. No wonder they screated their own scents since they already have their own fashion brands. Fragrances are a perfect addition to their collection. Nowadays the fragrance market is packed with celebrity perfumes designed by stars such as Madonna, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton etc.. This trend started around 60 years ago with legendary celebrity Elvis Presley being the first to kick start the celebrity perfume frenzy. His fragrance was called Teddy Bear Eau de Parfum, named after one of his greatest hits. The next star producing her own perfume was Sophia Loren. In 1980 she introduced the Sophia perfume. More celebrities were following the trend - Cher (introduced Uninhibited in 1987) and then world famous Elizabeth Taylor. 
Recently more and more VIPs have been producing their fragrances. However, not all of them are real masterpieces since some of them were produced just for business purposes. That’s why we want to share 5 celebrity perfume picks which are worth it and considered the best star perfumes. 
Discover them right now! 

No. 5: Britney Spears – Midnight Fantasy

Midnight Fantasy is the fourth perfume designed in 20016 by pop singer Britney Spears. The perfume bottle is exactly the same design as the previous Fantasy perfume. Only the color is slightly different - the Fantasy perfume bottle is pink, while the Midnight Fantasy perfume bottle is blue. All Britney Spears fragrances are aimed at younger generation so the scents are rather sweet floral. Midnight Fantasy is of fruity aroma. You can smell cherries, raspberries and plums. These notes are accompanied with sweet vanilla. 

No. 4: Jessica Simpson – I Fancy You

Jessica Simpson is an American pop star and actress. Moreover, she’s also a fashion insider and owns a successful Jessica Simpson Collection brand which sells clothing and leatherware. Jessica entered the fragrance world in 2004 and has created 16 perfumes since then. I Fancy You is the most popular of all and marked as the fourth best celebrity perfume. From its pastel bottle you can tell the scent is very gentle. First you can smell flowers (tuberose and lily of the valley). The composition develops into stronger accents of musk and sandal wood. It is a perfect daily scent. Try it out!

No. 3: Jennifer Lopez – Live Luxe

Jennifer Lopez a record breaker among celebrity perfumes. Since 2002 she has introduced 26 perfumes, all of them being of distinctive quality. Her first Glow perfume became a bestseller right after she introduced it. The Glow perfume bottle remains the curves of JLo’s body. Her most sophisticated perfume is Live Luxe inspired by Jennifer’s passion for dancing - the composition is thus very dynamic and temperament as JLo herself. The scent is really juicy with a citrus-pineapple base and floral heart (freesia and peony). All accents are balanced with vanilla, sandal wood and musk. The Live perfume bottle is pretty! Put it up against a light source and you will see purple, yellow and green color flashes glimmering. This is defintely a luxurious must have perfume!

No. 2: Madonna – Truth or Dare

Madonna’s designs are simply perfect - just as her perfumes. Truth of Dare eau de parfum introduced in 2012 was the first Madonna perfume. The scent composition was inspired by Madonna’s mother. The pop singer expressed her memories: ‘My mom always smelled of gardenia and tuberose - a mixture of feminity and mystery. I intended to create a scent that matched my mom by contemporary accords. Something natural and provocative at the same time. Madonna was one of the few celebrities actively cooperating with Stephen Nilsen, a fragrance expert. Note, - Madonna would also take the tiem to perosnally mix scent notes. The result of the collaboration is a perfectly feminine scent full of white flowers. Definitely worth trying out!

No. 1: Beyoncé – Midnight Heat

The number one celebrity perfume - Midnight Heat by Beyoncé, which came out following the Heat perfume. The fragrance was met with immediate success since it’s very sensual. The singer herself described it as: ‘The scent which you get obsessed with - so hot and sexy. You’ll feel the fever.’ The Midnight Heat perfume is the personification of sensuality. The pretty perfume bottle in the shape of a woman’s body contains fruity floral notes with woody hints. Beyoncé promises her perfume can boost your self-confidence, sex appeal and charisma. You can’t live without trying this one out!
Carol Swan