TOP Anti-Age Ingredients

There are great numbers of anti-ageing products on the market today promising beautiful, fresh and youthful skin. But how do you know if ‘your’ cream contains truly effective, active ingredients that guarantee the desired result? Here's a list of the most effective ingredients that slow the ageing of cells and support cell synthesis in products tested and recommended by dermatologists. For better results, we recommend using anti-ageing skin care products twice a day. During the day, the products will protect you from the effects of the environment, while overnight the active ingredients will be better absorbed to nourish your skin.
anti-age ingredients

Hyaluronic acid: first aid

We all have natural hyaluronic acid in our skin as a helpful macromolecule that produces a smooth and full effect by attracting water to the inner layers of the skin. It is therefore excellent for hydration and ideal for replenishing tired, irregular skin with a rough surface and wrinkles. Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler, an intensive anti-wrinkle serum, is an excellent choice.


Caffeine is probably the most well-known natural stimulant in the world and it has been proven to accelerate metabolism. If you treat yourself and your skin to a small amount of caffeine, it will stimulate your blood flow for the demanding day ahead. Your skin is smoothed, tightened and rejuvenated. Try this natural antioxidant in Vichy Liftactiv Supreme eye care.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another very important antioxidant. It promotes collagen production, protects cells from wrinkles and also ensures good blood circulation and clarity. Vitamin C also aids in the natural exfoliation of dead cells. If you suffer pigmentation problems, a high-quality vitamin C cream is an effective weapon. Try Bioderma White Objective, a brightening cream against pigment spots.

Vitamin E

One of the beneficial effects of this vitamin on mature skin is the reduction of structural damage to the skin. Vitamin E, for example in Bioderma White Objective, reduces the risk of deep wrinkles by preventing the creation of excess melanin. It also reduces the likelihood of dark circles forming under the eyes. Our skin ages prematurely due to the effects of harmful solar radiation and free radicals in the environment. This vitamin can reverse the damage caused by UVB radiation.

Black tea

Black Tea

Black tea is an anti-stress warrior. The substances contained in black tea slow skin ageing, specifically, they reduce wrinkle formation and prevent the loss of elasticity. They also tighten the skin and reduce swelling. Black tea is rich in tannins, which are known to have antiseptic properties. Vichy Idéalia night smoothing and brightening cream is ideal for normal to mixed skin and contains extracts from this remarkable antioxidant. The fermented version of black tea is called Kombucha, the history of which dates back to 250 BC when people called it an elixir of immortal health. It can clarify even the most tired skin.

Retinol: deep skin care

Retinol also occurs naturally in the skin as a derivative of vitamin A. This substance is gradually lost from the skin with age and it is, therefore, good to supplement it with La Roche-Posay Redermic® concentrated wrinkle care. However, bear in mind that this substance may cause greater sensitivity to sunlight, so when using retinol products, protect your skin with at least SPF 15. Retinol regenerates cells in the lower layers of the skin and prevents the rapid ageing of new cells on their way to the surface of the skin. It fills wrinkles and slows down time😊.