Top Christmas gifts for women

top christmas gifts for womenChristmas is a time for giving, particularly when it comes to giving something special to a woman. We have come to that time of the year when every single female is writing her wish list for Christmas. Women are more demanding, which makes the shopping process harder than we thought. Whether you are girl shopping for your mom or a boy looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, pleasing a woman is not an easy job.

Getting great Christmas gift ideas for women will help you save time, stress and even money. Thinking and deciding what's better for your mom or wife can take you hours, and after you finally bought the gift, you realized the other alternative was probably better. Having a list of top Christmas gifts for women will avoid hours of uncertainty and can help you determine prices that are more suitable for your wallet and products that will surprise your special person!top christmas gifts for women lancome hypnose

Here are the
Top Christmas gifts for women!

Christmas gifts for mom

When it comes to your mom, you want to make her feel like she is the best mother in the entire world. There are so many things you wish to give her that you don't know where to start. A perfume is always a good idea and this applies to any woman, not just your mom. For some reason, moms feel attracted to certain perfume brands such as Carolina Herrera, Elizabeth Arden, Givenchy, Liz Claiborne, Dior, among others. Each of these brands have a unique trait that will make your mom feel special and identified with the essence of the fragrance. The most popular perfumes among moms are: Carolina Herrera CH CH Africa, Chanel Chance and Lancome Hypnose.

top christmas gifts for women chanel chancetop christmas gifts for women ch ch


Christmas gifts for girlfriend

Girlfriends love surprises, and they expect to get exactly what they want. If you are not a fortune teller or seer and you didn't pay attention to her Christmas wish list, you are in trouble! Luckily for you, we've got many Christmas gift ideas for women that will help you surprise your girlfriend so you can win the best boyfriend prize. Girls love makeup so much that a high quality lipstick can be a great gift! The Lancome L'Absolu Velours and Estee Lauder Pure Color are amazing options.

                                        top christmas gifts for women lancome l´absolu  velourstop christmas gifts for women estee lauder pure color

Christmas gifts for wife

Satisfying your wife can be easily achieved with a high end perfume. How about the Gucci Eau de Parfum II or the Chanel Allure Sensuelle? Both fragrances are great Christmas gifts for her! But what happens when you give your wife a perfume every single year for Christmas? Even though it is a wonderful present, women need different options. Thinking about other alternatives can help you change that same old routine that might turn off your wife in a near future. Skin treatments are fantastic  Christmas gifts for women. I recommend Elizabeth Arden Ceramide, L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew and Clarins Cleansers Cosmetic Set V.


      top christmas gifts for women gucci  eau  de parfum  iitop christmas gifts for women l'oreal paris revitalift laser renew cosmetic set       


top christmas gifts for women clarins cleansers cosmetic set2     top christmas gifts for women chanel allure sensuelle


Christmas gifts for grandma

Who is the most loving person in the whole world? Everyone will agree their grandma is! Even though they fill us with sweetness, we know how challenging it is to find the perfect gift for them. One thing we must learn about grandmas is that they are obsessed with neatness and cleanness. What can be better  than a luxury body care set for our lovely grandma? The Neutrogena Hand Care and Nivea Harmony Time are excellent choices any grandmother will be thrilled with!  

                          top christmas gifts for women neutrogena hand care cosmetic set    top christmas gifts for women neutrogena hand care cosmetic set nivea harmony time



Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor