We have some great tips&tricks on how to keep your summer tan lasting all winter!

keep your summer tan

We have some great tips&tricks on how to keep your summer tan lasting all winter!

You’ve been trying hard to get the perfect tan all summer long and now you see that your skin is loosing its bronze every day. It feels unfair. Are you wondering why your tan fades so fast after working on it so long. Fortunately, we know how to keep your summer tan till Christmas, or even until next spring. Check out our advice:

A cold shower

One of the key tricks which can prolong your tan is proper hydration. Only fully moisturized skin can keep the tan. A hot shower dehydrates your skin. Regulate the water to reach room temperature or even colder. A cold shower will both refresh you and protect your tan. Also pick an intensively hydrating shower gel.

OUR TIP: Argan Oil Hydrating Nourishing Cleansing will do the moisturizing job perfectly.



Your tan fades when exfoliating - a myth? The fact is that an exfoliator removes dead cells but using a gentle one up to three times a week can help protect your tan. What is more, it can unify the different tones on your body (knees and elbows). Always pick exfoliators with hydrating effects!

OUR TIP: Try out a gentle Nuxe Bio exfoliator.

Tan Extenders

Replace the regular body lotion with a tan extender which gives your skin a golden touch long after the sun exposure. Choose special tan extending products which can both hydrate and regenerate your skin (protecting it from peeling). At the same time they can boost your skin pigment so your skin never fades.

If you want to add even more intensity to your tan, then start using self-tanners. These will again provide your skin with an extra bronze plus unify your tan color. The self-tanners contain genius structures which ensures you a really natural tan. You can decide what tan intensity you want to obtain and how often you want to keep self-tanning. To reach just a slight natural tan, mix your self-tanner with your favorite body lotion.

OUR TIP: Lierac Sunific Apres-Soleil or Xen-Tan are awesome quality self-tanning picks.


Wear clothes which can show the best out of your tan

Contrasts work and can optically intensify your tan. Pick light pastel colors and use highlighters for makeup. The pastel color of your nailpolish can highlight your tan pretty well. The pastel eyeshadow, pink, orange shades for your lips will do a great job as well.


Nothing compliments your sun tan as wearing white clothing. Wear light colors and enjoy your perfect tan all winter long.

OUR TIP: Choose from our wide offer of pastel nailpolish, e.g. one of Sally Hansen. You’ll definitely find the right lipstick shade in the Max Factor Colour Elixir collection.

Carol Swan