What to Do When The Scent Does Not Last?

scentWe have a few tips on how to get the max out of your scent!

One of the most frequent asked questions we receive from our customers is: ‘how long will this perfume scent last on my skin?’ Everyone wants to find their ideal perfume scent thats ever lasting, expecting that the price of a fragrance will do just that. The higher the price, the longer the scent lasts. However many have experienced that even the more expensive fragrances do not last. Why? So what do you do to make the perfume scent last longer?

Why doesn’t my favorite scent last long and what can I do to change that?

The typical reason why the scent does not last is dry skin. People with oily skin have an advantage because the oil works as a natural scent fixator. Simply put, there is nothing what could hold your scent if you have dry skin. Fortunately, there are some tricks that can help with that.

  1. The perfume contains molecules which are released into the air - this is what is perceived as a scent. The scent is stronger in aroma, more intense when applied to warm parts of your body. Thus it is more effective to apply your perfume on the pulse areas - your wrists, forearms, neck, close to your ears. Feel your pulse and apply the perfume right in that area.
  2. To intensify the scent you can also use a perfume-free cream on the pulse areas before the perfume application. It will serve as a great scent fixator. Vaseline will serve this purpose well. Massage it gently on the pulse area prior to applying. Just a little bit of cream is completely enough since it is very oily.


  1. You can also apply your perfume on your clothing instead of your skin. Doing this can keep your fragrance from reaching its maximum potential and may create a unique scent. On the other hand, it will last longer. This application is ideal during the hot summer days when you sweat more and the scent tends to fade away very fast. Another option which works great is to spray the perfume into your hair. But be careful! Most fragrances contain alcohol which can damage your hair. Try applying the perfume into your hair just lightly.
  2. If nothing from the above helps, the following advice definitely will. Simply re-apply your perfume after several hours. You do not need to carry the big perfume bottle with you. The Travalo refillable perfume sprayer is the perfect solution for having your favorite perfume with you everywhere. And its available in different colors.

Let's keep going. Here is more advice on how to prolong your scent.

  1. Do not store your perfume in a damp, warm, sunny place. Bad conditions influence the scent lasting and the quality of the perfume. So if you store your fragrance in your bathroom, move it to a dark, dry, cold place - e.g. in your wardrobe.
  2. Spray the perfume on your wrists, then rub one against the other and then place your wrists on your neck and smear - this is a frequent practise. Always pick quality brandname perfumes. They contain higher concentration of aroma oils and better quality ingredients.


You can never go wrong by purchasing a Niche perfume. Niche’s are not only unique but also pretty long lasting! Among the top fragrances are the Oman brand Amouage, French brand Montale or Serge Lutens. These have a great reputation of being long lasting. There is no need to continually reapply the scent. Who doesn’t want a remarkable unique sent that lasts for incredible long periods of time..?

Carol Swan