Which fragrances suit Aquarius star sign?

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and Aquarius is the representative for the Age of Aquarius. People born under the sign of Aquarius need a lot of independence and are humanitarian. Aquarians are very creative and intuitive. They love everything new and modern. They belong to skilled IT. Aquarians are very original and can stan out of the crowd.
However, they should control their desire for being unique. A complete change of routine does not always mean a reasonable act. If they want to break the peace, they should at the same time offer some alternatives.


Aquarians should focus their health care on vascular system. Especially their legs are sensitive to this kind of problem. Thus, Aquarians should do sports regularly and eat healthy food -  buckwheat containing a lot of rutin. Aquarians should avoid smoking, coffee and too much fat.

Which fragrances suit Aquarius star sign?
Aquarians prefer fresh light scents which can support friendly atmosphere. On the contrary, the right fragrance for Aquarius is unique and never ordinary.  Aquarians also belong to those who love discovering new fragrances. The chance to be one of the first possessors of a hot news sounds very attractive to Aquarians. They will use the opportunity and won't regret the money to buy it if they find the scent interesting.
Regarding the perfume bottle, Aquarians appreciate modern shapes and innovative designs.

Perfumes for Women-Aquarians
Davidoff Cool Water Woman, a fresh floral scent with notes of rose, jasmine, melon, lotus flower, lily and lily of the valley, will be the right choice for a woman-Aquarian.
Chopard Wish can make any woman the queen of the night with its scent of mystery. Chopard brand is also very conscious of ecological issues and is involved in various charitable activities.
Thierry Mugler Angel can bring more beauty and orient into your life. The timeless Angel perfume has been popular since 1992. The perfume bottle designed as a star fallen from the sky is a great inspiration for an Aquarian. Thus the combination of the scent and the bottle gives you the opportunity to literally touch the sky.

Colognes for Men Aquarians
Jean P. Gaultier Le Male, masculine and sensitive at the same time, evokes desire for adventure and supports your uniqueness. It is a delicate mixture of lavender, bergamot, cardamom, orange flowers, beans, vanilia and exotic woods. The cologne bottle resemble a navy T-shirt.
Aquarians are always searching for real sense of life and can share their opinions. Diesel Only The Brave can support their self-confidence and if you happen to hesitate, Diesel can give you courage and support your intuition. Plus the original perfume bottle design makes this cologne the right choice.
The perfume for a modern man, Gucci Made to Measure brings beauty and harmony into your life. Its essences support your charm and creativity. You can expect so much from Gucci since the brand history starts in 1921.