Professional Makeup Brushes

makeup brush

Basic makeup essentials shouldn’t be just make up but also brushes. It is not necessary to have an extensive selection of brushes for every day make up. All you need is a couple of brushes. Which ones should you choose?

Make up

There are many different brushes that can be used. For starters choose from two basic types. A classic flat brush is used for heavy make up. If you use a liquid foundation, try A liquid make-up brush. It consists of bristles of different length which will allow you to use it in a couple of different ways. The longest bristles can push the makeup into the skin and the effect is a natural look.
The edge of the brush is used for spreading/rubbing in the make up.
brush art make up


To spread your powder perfectly we recommend buying two types of powder brushes – one full brush for powder and one blush brush or contour brush. The powder brush should be really soft and full. You want to enjoy your makeup application so always pick a brush with a soft touch. Apply the powder by using circular repetitions, never by pulling or pushing - this will smudge your foundation and never allow you to reach a full natural look.
To apply a blush you can use an angle or a round brush. It depends on your preferences. After the blush application, use the powder brush once again and spread the color a bit more to soften it and cover the transition. Your cheeks will get the right natural look. 
brush art powder


The use of makeup brushes is most visible on your eye makeup. Forget the use of the tiny sponge eyeshadow applicators which are available with any eyeshadow set. You certainly have them too. Now, throw them away! They will never do the perfect eye makeup job just like the professional brushes can. Check out the basic trio of the must have eye makeup brushes. 
To apply the eyeshadow, use any flat eyeshadow brush – looks like a small version of a foundation brush. It usually has a round shape. For perfect color blending you need a blending brush which will help soothen the color transitions, define the shape and you can also use it for the darkest color application onto the inner eyelid. The third brush you need is a very thin precise brush to create the line and perfecting all the final details. 
brush art eyeshadow

Bonus tips

You will certainly fall in love with brushes once you start using them so I want to provide you with some more tips on amazing types of brushes you can add to your brushes collection later on. A concealer brush is a great helper because it can process the concealer into the skin much better than if you apply it with your fingers. Plus it is much more gentle for the eye area. The makeup artists also use various lip brushes but mainly for the hygienic reasons. Using your own lipstick, you reach better results by direct lipstick application on your lips. The only exception is using dark and bold lipsticks. Prefer applying them precisely with your lip brush. 

BrushArt: Budget friendly brushes

You might have just decided to purchase your first set of brushes but you are searching for some budget friendly solution. BrushArt is the right choice for this purpose. For a few bucks you can be sure that it will meet the expectations of perfect function. 

DaVinci: For top-quality demanding users

Do you dream about best quality, soft and luxurious brushes? Try out professional DaVinci makeup brushes. The producer combines the use of natural and synthetic bristles. The brush shape and material are of excellent quality and you will be able to use it for years. DaVinci brand quarantees up to 20 years life on all their brushes!
Carol Swan