Which perfumes and beauty products suit Sagittarius star sign?

Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac  is associated with fire and is thus very active and rather straightforward. Sagittarians are truth-seekers, and the best way for them to do this is to travel, go in for adventure and  get some answers. Sagittarians follow broad-minded approach to life and they are interested in philosophy and religion. Sags should be careful about their tendency to become argumentative and blunt. Their openess and quick straight response may hurt others. They need to be aware of their procrastination and work harder on some stability to finish the tasks because their constant searching for new challenge might lead to the exclusion of meeting the previous targets. 


Which perfumes suit Sagittarius star sign?

Sags like fragrances which evoke the mood of traveling tofar Eastern countries and prefer more dynamic notes to reflect their desire for adventure and activity. Some fragrances can also inspire Sagittarians to explore key philosophical questions concerning the origin and sense of life. Sags are attracted to a perfume bottle if it is in the spectrum of warm fiery colors. Choosing the right perfume, Sagittarians prefer a simple clear description on products than a complicated or indistinct information because it probably discourages them.

Perfumes for women - Sagittarius

As Sagittarians love exotic interesting destinations, they would opt for Chopard Wish eau de parfum. It is a magical composition of black violet, rose goat and acacia leaves. Its pretty bottle is designed to imitate a diamond.

To demonstrate her desire for love adventure, Sagittarius woman can use Cacharel Amor Amor which is a delicate combination of citruses, oranges and tangerines, notes of sandalwood and musk. Moreover, the red perfume bottle is the perfect choice for a Sagittarius.

Yves Saint Laurent Elle eau de parfum is our third fragrance tip. This brings happiness and life pleasures enjoyment – that is exactly what Sagittarius needs. The perfume suits both the day or night. Yves Saint Laurent brand was introduced in 1961 and got name after its founder.

Perfumes for men Sagittarius

Sagittarius men might be attracted by an oriental Rasasi Tasmeem Men eau de parfum for men, the combination of rose, sandalwood and amber notes. The fragrance comes from Dubai.

Another fragrance ideal for Sags men is Hugo Boss Boss Soul full of contrasts which can evoke the philosophical thoughts about life. Besides this, the perfume supports masculinity, elegance and sensuality. The perfume bottle may be very interesting for Sags since it was created using modern technologies. Hugo Boss is one of the most renowned fashion brands specialized on men founded in 1924 by Ferdinand Hugo Boss, a German tailor.

Sagittarius like to mix elegance with trendy style. Cartier Declaration Eau de toilette for men perfectly fits this idea of tradition combined with innovation. The fragrance opens by bergamot and birchwood with gentle notes of tangerine and coriander. Cartier Declaration is a fresh sensual fragrance for all modern charismatic men.