Which perfumes suit Pisces star sign?

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and the final sign in the zodiacal cycle. Being a water sign, Piesces are spiritual and very empathetic which can be perfectly used in jobs involving social care. Pisceans are skillful dreamers with amazing imagination. They are spiritual minded characters, often deeply interested in arts.


Since Pisceans live in their rich inner world they might easily lose touch with reality which can affect their practical thinking. Another Pisceans' weakpoint might be insincerity which is rather unintentional and results from their illusions.

Regarding their health, Pisces should focus on their feet, especially the area of arch. They often suffer from foot health problems such as flat feet or fungal disease. Pisceans should take care of their lymph - lymph massage can work well for them. Moreover, they should protect their immune system since they might suffer from allergies and eczemas if they happen to feel psychically imbalanced.

Which perfumes are suitable for Pisceans?
Fragrances which can match Pisceans' sensitivity and emotional character will be the ideal choice for Pisces. They are very perceptive so besides the scent, the bottle design is also very important for Pisceans. To support positive energy and courage, the qualities which Pisceans usually miss, energizing notes might suit them too.

Perfumes for women – Pisces
Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine was literally made for women – Pisces because it invites you into the world of dreams and fantasy. At the same time it evokes life pleasures thanks to the notes of pineapple, peach, peony and oriental white cedar. The fragrance bottle can support happiness by its colorful design reminding the rainbow.
What is more, Salvatore Ferragamo is a high quality Italian brand.
Since Pisceans are said to have the unique ability to communicate with universe, Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege which evokes the combination of innocence and the beauty of inner life is exactly what Pisceans need. The magic is based on the essences of lilac, green tea, red peony and peach blossoms.
Armani Mania for Woman with its floral-woody notes can develop relations with nature and the fragrance is generally admired by most women. This amazing Armani perfume further brings elegance, sensuality and attraction.

Perfumes for women – Pisces

Jil Sander Sander for Men is a delicate mixture of sensitivity, courage and originality which contains essences of mint, ivy, pepper, coriander, cardamom, myrtle, cypress, cashmere woods and red cedar. Jil Sander perfumes come from Germany where the company was founded in 1973.
Pisceans might sometimes miss forceful energy. With Hugo Boss Hugo Energise they can be encouraged to express their own opinion. This fragrance can be worn universally both for daily use and sport.
Calvin Klein Escape for Men provides its owner with the opportunity to escape from everyday life to new exciting experiences. Calvin Klein is an American brand which produces the top quality and most popular perfumes.