Astor Lash Beautifier Volumizing Mascara With Argan Oil

  • Astor Lash Beautifier Volumizing Mascara With Argan Oil
  • Astor Lash Beautifier Volumizing Mascara With Argan Oil 1

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    • Astor Lash Beautifier Volumizing Mascara With Argan Oil Color 800 Black 0.33 ozVolumizing Mascara With Argan Oil 

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      Color 800 Black 0.33 oz
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    About the brand Astor








    Water resistant


    ASTOR cosmetics | ASTOR – the beauty and magic of being original. ASTOR was founded in 1952, during the economic boom in the post-war era, and it quickly won the reputation of one of the main pioneers reacting to the growing desire of women for beautifying treatment and self-expression through fashion.

    For over 60 years, ASTOR has been producing quality cosmetic products, thus helping women express their own original style and discover and emphasize what’s the most beautiful in them. With its approach, ASTOR tries to create a close partnership with its customers and to emphasize that all the products, apart from their premium quality, are also very elegant and modern, positively daring, and easy and pleasant to use.

    ASTOR believes that in her hectic life it is extremely important for every woman to have an opportunity to enjoy her beauty and her own personal style, and its mission is to provide women with the best possible tools. ASTOR’s mission has been successful, as for decades it has belonged to the leading brands on the European market with cosmetic products, focusing on innovativeness and reliability, and it has been setting the trend in the efforts of a number of generations of women trying to achieve original beauty. Make-up experts, dermatologists, and other professionals apply the latest innovations, technologies, formulas, and exclusive ingredients into new generations of ASTOR products. The research and development teams in Monaco and Morris Plains ensure that the individual formulas are suitable for each type of skin and meet specific needs of women of each age group. Besides, ASTOR keeps following new expectations from and demands of women for cosmetic products, which is why the products by this brand are always modern and highly efficient, and they meet the requirements of the most demanding of the customers. The decorative cosmetics by ASTOR helps women reveal their natural beauty, follow the hottest trends in make-up, and to conceal any potential minor imperfections. Long-lasting make-up, lipsticks with the most fashionable tinges, eyeliners, eye shadows, and mascaras of the best quality – all these products by ASTOR will always deliver what is expected from them.

    ASTOR helps every woman discover her own original beauty in an enjoyable way, in style, and with natural elegance.

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