Aubusson perfumes | Aubusson – immortal fragrances with the French charm. Parfums Daniel Aubusson is a French company, active on the market with fragrances for almost 30 years. This company with a truly French style produced over a dozen fragrances for both men and women, with some of them still successful even after the company terminated its activities in 2013.

The first fragrance by Aubusson named Historie d’Amour, a floral-cypress eau de toilette for women, was launched in 1984 and still remains popular with younger as well as older generations. In 2003, there was even a descending fragrance named Historie d’Amour 2. This fruity eau de toilette won over hearts of a number of women by its characteristically feminine aroma. The perfumes by Aubusson carry the much admired French charm and are unmistakable as well as unforgettable thanks to both their aromas and beautiful design of flacons.

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