Biotherm Homme Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin

  • Biotherm Homme Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin
  • Biotherm Homme Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin 1

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    • Biotherm Homme Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin  5.0 ozShaving Gel For Sensitive Skin 

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    Description of beauty product Biotherm Homme







    for all types of complexion




    During the application, Biotherm Homme Shaving Gel transforms into a dense, smooth and creamy foam providing intensive hydration for optimal skin protection and enables an ultra smooth shave. Biotherm Homme Shaving Gel is unique thanks to its tri-active formula which prevents 3 major post-shave problems. The exclusively smooth texture and the ingredients soften the bristles and make shaving pleasant and quick. The product is dermatologically tested.


    • leaves the skin soft and hydrated

    • prevents cuts

    • prevents pimples

    • feels fresh

    • allows a painless shave


    • zinc – has antibacterial properties preventing pimple and bump formation

    • L. digitata – an alga reducing bacteria on the skin

    • allantoin – soothing effects after shaving, prevents redness and irritation

    • pure plankton extract – regenerates and fortifies the skin, provides hydration

    Skin type:

    Perfect for all skin types.

    How to use:

    Apply on cleansed skin and gently shave.

    About the brand Biotherm

    Biotherm - Biotherm cosmetic products and perfumes are based on harmony with nature. Biotherm is a luxury brand full of inner energy, inspired by the power of thermal springs, minerals and bioactive substances. If you prefer natural accents when choosing a fragrance and if you find natural procedures and compositions appealing, you will be impressed by the lightness and freshness of Biotherm perfumes.Owned by global cosmetics giant L’Oreal, Biotherm has a rich history full of important milestones that dates back to 1952. It was back then when thermal plankton from the mountain springs of Molitg-les-Bains was first used in skincare, on the basis of research conducted by Jeanine Marissal. Biotherm, or “Biologie Thermal”, was founded and its breathtaking journey through the cosmetic history started. In 1957, it started producing its moisturizing product line and in 1961, Biotherm developed its first cosmetic protection against sunshine. In the years to follow, it gradually launched its firming and slimming cream, it was the first in the world to come with a bust firming cream, it scored with its anti-wrinkle cream and in 1974, Princess Grace of Monaco ceremoniously opened the laboratories in Monaco. 1985 was significant as regards cosmetics for men. Biotherm was the first to introduce a cosmetic product line designed exclusively to care for men's skin and it is still among the market leaders in this field today. In 1997 Biotherm, extended its product portfolio by perfumes.Biotherm perfumes are original, peculiar and enchanting. They are the right challenge for your senses. You will feel like you were enveloped in light aromatic mist that will make you unobtrusive company, no matter if you go to work or out to have some fun. Biotherm Eau d'Energie is a fragrance designed for every day and every occasion, an ideal source of vitality and well-being. Biotherm Eau Océane makes you feel an exciting influx of aquatic notes, an uplifting sensation of walking by the sea.Biotherm is belongs among the brands that do not forget about men and their desire to own a captivating fragrance that does not overshadow their personality but elegantly accentuates their male charisma. Biotherm Force pour Homme embodies the power of spring water and the very sources of attraction. It is an active fragrance with an urgent element of intensity that ignites the desire to test your strength and options. With Biotherm, a man is a man in his most attractive version.If you are looking for fragrances with a unique character, the strength of natural sources and self-confidence provided by quality, you should definitely try Biotherm. Its products for women and men are worth it.

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