Bobbi Brown Eye Make-Up Gel Eyeliner

  • Bobbi Brown Eye Make-Up Gel Eyeliner
  • Bobbi Brown Eye Make-Up Gel Eyeliner 1
  • Bobbi Brown Eye Make-Up Gel Eyeliner 2

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    • Bobbi Brown Eye Make-Up Gel Eyeliner Black Ink + Sepia Ink  2 x 0.1 ozGel Eyeliner 

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      Black Ink + Sepia Ink 2 x 0.1 oz
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    Water resistant


    Bobbi Brown Cosmetics | Bobbi has been passionate about make-up since her childhood. This American woman is convinced that women wearing make-up still want to feel themselves – just prettier and more self-confident. Thus, she developed covering but "invisible" make-ups. Bobbi Brown brand became worldwide famous already 20 years after opening its first cosmetics store. Nowadays, Bobbi inspires women all over the world. In her 2010 campaign she presented the opinion that all women are beautiful. However, make-up can make their beauty powerful. In Bobbi Brown assortment on you can find bright, natural make-up or luxurious skin care.

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    Bobbi Brown Eye Make-Up reviews & ratings

    • Friday, October 20, 2017
      kristi veit

      so something ive been dying to try because in the past year i stopped using liquid and pencil eyeliner, now its all about the gel and with a perfect tiny pencil looking thing with like a paint brush tip,ive used other products some maybe more expensive cause only the good stuff seems to be priced high, so i talked to a few makeup artists and estiticians who use ony gel liner and are all about Bobbi Brown, im not a stay with money having girl i got bills and a kid, so i got lucky with #Notino and snagged it, and let me tell u im the mosy uncordinated chick ever i can barley draw let alone paint a straight line, but this stuff i swear lets u fix any mstakes jsut keep any eye makeup remover n cotton swabs near in case, but for the proffesionals thisis perfect i love it and will be a loyal customer

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