Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona was founded in the 1980s by Spanish brothers and designers Custo and David Dalmau.  Nowadays, Custo Barcelona is a very successful fashion brand that is famous for its distinct patterns and colorful designs.  Since 2008, remarkable Custo Barcelona perfumes were introduced to the market. 

Custo Barcelona offers warm fragrances that are perfect for sensual experiences.  Ablaze with colors, the perfumes have been developed in collaboration with fragrance specialists such as Alberto Morillas, Francis Kurkdjian and Daphne Bugey.  The quality of these fragrances is guaranteed and the brand is famous among stars throughout the world.  For example, Kesha, Bridget Fonda and Julia Roberts like wearing Custo Barcelona clothing.  Custo Barcelona perfumes perfectly correspond to the style of the brand, with each scent cheerful and full of life.

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All Custo Barcelona products are currently sold out. Check back soon.