According to Greek Mythology, Demeter was Titan Kron’s daughter and the Goddess of Earth, fertility and farming.  Nowadays, the name Demeter stands for a protected trademark offering certified bioorganic products and perfumes which are unique for their exclusive bio-contents.

The company’s mission is to spread the daily habit of using a perfume because they believe that a quality fragrance can brighten your day.  Unlike the hectic world of perfumes, Demeter highlights an original idea of viewing your fragrance in the simplest and most natural way.

Demeter boasts more than 250 fragrances which are inspired by everyday life. They are simple, personalized and friendly scents, some of which resemble a vanilla pastry.  The fragrances are modified so they are distinct and wearable.  Have you ever tested a fragrance resembling earth, leather or gin and tonic?

Smell has been proven to be the sense which is most closely related to human emotions, which is why Demeter represents prestigious fragrances targeted at the consumer’s emotions.  By choosing a Demeter perfume, you can discover scents which are associated with your most cherished and personal memories.  Demeter perfumes are simple and always based on one scented note, which is why they are perfect for mixing or layering.

Demeter tries to fulfill the purpose of remaining in balance with nature; that’s why 95% of the brand’s ingredients are organic or come from renewable sources which are free from colorants, emulsifiers and phthalates.  Alcohol in Demeter perfumes is naturally fermented with corn.  Demeter follows the motto “Simple. Subtle. Singular scents. Each day. Everywhere.”  It invites its customers to enjoy and admire the beautiful scents which naturally surround us.  Demeter searches for beauty in everyday life.  “Your perfume collection should include more than just classical designer fragrances. It is like having only evening dresses in your closet---pretty, but it does not correspond to what you need to get through your daily routine.  You also need daytime clothes”---Christopher Brosius, founder of Demeter Fragrance Library.

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