Treat your skin with professional products recommended by leading dermatologists.

What is dermocosmetics?

While skin care products serve your skin’s everyday needs, dermocosmetics meet the demanding requirements for pharmaceuticals. They’re developed in cooperation with skin care professionals (dermatologists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, and pharmacists) and are remarkably effective and safe—as confirmed in clinical trials. Dermocosmetics are hypoallergenic and treat sensitive skin with care. They also meet very strict requirements. They are manufactured using specially controlled processes unlike those for normal cosmetics. Dermocosmetics are developed and tested in concert with dermatologists. They offer the extreme efficiency and safety that a pharmaceutical environment can provide. That’s why they are sometimes called “pharmacy cosmetics”. By bringing in dermatological, cosmetological, and pharmacological research and expertise, dermocosmetics brands are constantly on the leading edge of the market, so that they can offer clients the latest, most effective skin care solutions. Dermocosmetics can be used by anyone: men, women, and children. They’re especially appreciated by everyone who wants to know how their skin care products are made and what they contain, as well as everyone who chooses their skin care conscientiously and wants to consult with the experts for their skin-care area. Dermocosmetics are also a great choice for people with sensitive skin, who depend on reliable results and always reach for guaranteed safety and quality.

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