Dove means perfect nourishment and moisturization. Dove – a brand within Unilever, one of the most important global companies – bringing the world high-quality skin and body care products. Dove brought its first product to market back in 1957, in America. This product, a cream soap tablet, was one-quarter moisturizing cream by volume, and it brought a true revolution in skin care and offered a unique alternative to ordinary soaps that dry out your skin.

Dove still stays true to this same tradition today. It’s still fulfilling its message of skin nourishment and hydration. Dove considers it its mission to deliver quality products for perfect body and hair care and to help every woman realize her potential of beauty.

Dove products, among which you’ll find deodorants, antiperspirants, soaps, and products for intimate hygiene, showers, baths, and body care, are sold in over 75 countries worldwide today. Dove uses a number of innovative patented technologies, and some of them are enormous hits, like its nourishing shower gels with the unique Nutrium Moisture technology, which contain natural skin lipids that help to nourish your skin, renew it, beautify it, and perfectly moisturize it, and its body milks with the DeepCare Complex technology, which makes skin more smooth and supple.

Dove calls for all women to regularly take care of their beauty and to know how to appreciate it, so that they can feel more self-assured and better overall. Dove products help them to care for their skin so that it stays moist and well-nourished, to keep feeling fresh and irritation-free thanks to the superb Dove deodorants and antiperspirants with moisturizing cream, or to nourish and moisturize their skin in the shower with unique shower gels.

Dove wants every woman to feel more beautiful day by day.

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