Dry shampoos

Experience the feeling of freshly washed hair every day without the need to use water! Try a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is great especially on the road when you do not have the opportunity to wash your hair, but it is also suitable in cases where you simply cannot find the time to wash and dry your hair properly.

Dry shampoo will give your hair a fresh look, so your hair will look newly washed. Dry shampoo will help you get rid of grease and give volume to your hair.

How does it work? Simply apply dry shampoo on your hair, let it act for a little while and then brush your hair with a hairbrush or spread the shampoo with a towel as if you were drying your hair normally.

Choose a waterless shampoo for your hair type! We offer dry shampoo for different hair colors, greasy hair, shampoo to add shine and volume, dry shampoo without sulfate and paraben, and slightly perfumed dry shampoo to give your hair a fresh scent.

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