Dtangler is a line of professional hair brushes that builds upon the revolutionary and popular Tangle Teezer brushes, which have won many prestigious awards and are used in the most renowned hair salons worldwide.

The first words in the history of these miraculous brushes were written when Shaun P., a young London hairstylist and celebrity colorist, realized that the foundation for hair care and perfect styling is well-brushed hair. And so he designed a hairbrush that does a great job of brushing without damaging or ripping hair in the process.

The original secret of the miraculous Dtangler brushes lay in their special bristle arrangement, but today they have a second secret: a new, innovative, ergonomic brush design that makes them fit perfectly in your hand. Dtanglers are not just functional; they’re also a pleasure to hold, making your daily hair brushing easier.

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