Dueto Parfums

Dueto Parfums perfumes | Dueto Parfums – fragrances inspired by the modern cosmopolitan world. Dueto Parfums is a young American brand producing niche perfumes inspired by the modern communication society. Its team of top perfume designers uses the best-quality ingredients to create fragrances of quality without any compromises, always embodying the hottest global trends.

Dueto Parfums was founded in 2010 by four citizens of various world metropolises who decided to join forces and talents to introduce an urbanistic brand of perfumes with an ambition to create fragrances for those who are fond of hype & cool fashion.

The perfumes by Dueto Parfums are inspired by modern society which believes in new things and fast-changing trends. The products by this brand reflect current times when the world is urbanized and almost without any borders, interconnected by means of modern communication such as e-mail or social networks. It works with global “must-have” things from Paris to Tokyo, New York City or Sao Paulo. Dueto Parfums believes that it’s the big cities all over the world what rules the new cosmopolitan culture, energy, and approach of the whole world. Its perfumes absorb the hottest new trends and are created the way fashion designers create clothes. They reflect the dynamics of global cities and are magical aromas of today and tomorrow. The perfumes by Dueto Parums are created in cooperation with perfume designers Ursula Wandel, Olivier Pescheux, and Sonia Constant. The first perfume is City Oud for both men and women, a floral-woody-musky fragrance, launched in 2010, while the latest (also unisex) woody-aromatic Citiver was created in 2013. Dueto Parfums – urbanistic fragrances of current cosmopolitan world and modern society always longing for something new.

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