Elie Saab

Elie Saab is an exceptionally talented Lebanese fashion designer whose works are known for their unique fusion of western and eastern culture. Saab opened his first fashion boutique when he was just 18. His main focus at the time was designing wedding outfits. He quickly began to gather fashion accolades, and in 1999 the queen of Jordan herself joined the ranks of his customers – she had him design the dress that she wore on the occasion of her ascension to the throne.

But the true turning point in his career came in 2002, when actress Halle Berry picked up her Oscar while wearing a Saab outfit. From that day forward, the whole world knew Elie Saab, and every woman wanted to wear his creations. Saab thus became a leading designer, with his fashions being worn by important world celebrities.

In 2011, Elie Saab stepped forward into the world of fragrances. His first perfume, a women’s perfume simply named Le Parfum, instantly gained great popularity. Elie Saab perfumes encompass the atmosphere of the modern world of fashion and the fascinating magic of the Arabian landscape.

The Elie Saab product portfolio also includes perfume accessories that tenderly care for your skin while wreathing it in a magical fragrance. With Elie Saab perfumes and perfume accessories, every woman can look exceptional and luxurious.

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