James Bond 007

James Bond 007 Perfumes are fragrances with the permission to enchant. James Bond 007 is the first official perfume of the immortal agent with the permission to kill which was introduced by Procter&Gamble in 2012 on the occasion of 50th anniversary of James Bond's appearance on the screen. The successful James Bond 007 perfume serie for men was followed by popular Ocean Royale and Quantum. The series include Eau de Toilettes, shower gels, deodorants and after-shave waters of top quality and perfumes inspired by the legendary British agent, his elegance, masculinity and sophistication. James Bond 007 perfumes within the bottles design are remarkable for their British style. Thanks to James Bond perfumes all men can feel more self-confident, attractive and charismatic. James Bond 007 is the perfume which turns any man into an irrisistible  secret agent! It is also an ideal choice for those who manage to get all they want!

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