Kallos is affordable beauty care from Hungary. Kallos, a Hungarian cosmetics brand, offers cost-effective, high-quality products for professional hair care, skin care, and body care, and a wide range of cosmetics.

The Kallos brand was founded in 1978 by John Kallos, and his two daughters also contribute to this family business. This brand’s popularity has exploded internationally, because it’s not just affordable – it’s also high-quality and progressive in its design and its ingredient selection. Kallos also prides itself upon its reliable, accommodating customer approach and its wide range of products that flexibly responds to market demands.

The Kallos hair care line offers solutions for a variety of hair and scalp problems, as well as a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils, and leave-in hair-care and hair-styling products. Kallos products leave your hair smooth, shiny, and full of life, while exciting you with pleasant flower and fruit fragrances.

Kallos offers a wide range of cosmetics products, from nail polishes and oils, to mascaras, eye pencils, and eyeshadows, to makeups, powders, color correctors, and blushes. Besides their rock-solid quality, they’re also notable for their surprisingly advantageous prices. And every bit of the above also applies for their body-care products. A wide range of shower gels for a variety of skin-care needs, regenerative hand creams, and moisturizing and nourishing body milks – Kallos offers all of this in packages with original and pleasing designs.

Absolutely everyone will find something to like in the vast Kallos collection.

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