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  • La Prairie Swiss Moisture Care Eyes Eye Cream

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    About the brand La Prairie







    According to skin problems

    brightening and vitality, swelling and dark circles, wrinkles and lines




    for all types of complexion



    La Prairie Cosmetics – science in the service of unaging beauty. La Prairie was born on the immaculate shores of Lake Geneva, at the La Prairie clinic. This clinic in Montreux, Switzerland was a true pioneer in humanity’s struggle against cell aging.

    Here the Swiss doctor Paul Niehans proved that when cell research and groundbreaking technologies make use of revolutionary substances, they can significantly slow down the aging process. His clinic’s customers have included such personalities as Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, and Charles de Gaulle.

    This luxurious brand has remained true to that tradition. Today, after several decades of research and numerous breakthroughs, La Prairie has become a synonym for a scientific approach to beauty, luxury, and perfection. And even today, La Prairie products continue to enjoy the favor of the world’s most successful and beautiful men and women. To name just a few: Kate Hudson, Sheryl Crow, Jessica Alba, Madonna, and Roger Federer.

    The flagship of the La Prairie brand is its line of skin care products based on a revolutionary, patented ingredient complex: Exclusive Cellular Complex. It potently protects skin from aging and adverse environmental influences. The comprehensive La Prairie line contains true cosmetic jewels for the whole body, for every age and every need.

    La Prairie has also earned renown for its luxurious and passionate, yet elegant perfumes containing the very finest ingredients and, last but not least, first-class cosmetics for the most discerning of customers.

    La Prairie is more than a brand; it’s a mission. In its struggle for unaging beauty and unending luxury, La Prairie goes beyond ordinary skin care products. It stops aging processes right at their origins. It offers unique technologies, top quality, and total luxury. La Prairie is the right choice for the truly discerning customer.

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