Mandarina Duck

Mainly a producer of handbags and luggage, Mandarina Duck is a playful Italian brand that also offers fragrances that are sparkling with fun and adventure. 

Founded in 1977, Mandarina Duck became so successful that it expanded into the international market with their company logo which represents the love of new discoveries and modern lifestyles. 

Since 2004, Mandarina Duck produced original, fresh fragrances aimed at younger generations.  The very first perfume, Mandarina Duck, has a composition of fresh white pepper and bergamot with a cheerful and attractive yellow bottle. 

The most popular fragrance for men is Pure Black, which has a clean, citrus scent which is minimalistic and intense at the same time. Famous fragrance designers such as Nathalie Lorson, Sylvie Fisher and Guillaume Flavigny have been involved in creating the delicate Mandarina Duck perfumes.

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