Natural Oral Care

We think that what you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your mouth. That’s why we’ve heard your calling for all-over organic beauty offerings and have added organic oral care to our elite menu of organic beauty.

Natural oral care products, such as organic toothpaste and organic mouth wash can polish and protect your teeth without causing damage from unnatural ingredients. Natural toothpaste is kind to both adult and children’s teeth. Lavera Basis Sensitiv is made without synthetic oils, silicones or additives, while Sea of Spa Toothpaste is formulated with dead-sea minerals, which proves that all-natural dental hygiene is extraordinary.

If you’ve never tried organic toothpaste, Notino has quality brands at an amazingly low price, so you can try natural toothpaste and see the difference it makes for your teeth without breaking the bank.

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