nu_be perfumes | nu_be – the aroma of the beginning of everything. nu_be is the first collection of perfumes by Fluidounce, a young Italian brand dedicated to creation of truly artistic perfumes. The ambition of this project is to create exciting perfumes inspired by the creation of the universe, in cooperation with top perfume designers. The nu_be fragrances are thus an amazing return to the beginning of everything, an aromatic story about the very first events, a creative interpretation of the original mass and other basic element of the universe.

Fluidounce was founded in 2011 in Parma, Italy, by Alberto Borri, Serena Ghidini, and Andrea Giametti, all experienced fashion professionals. Besides, Alberto Borri built his activities in perfume making on a long family tradition, as his grandfather founded Morris Profumi, one of the first significant Italian perfume brand. Alberto’s approach to the production of fragrances is based on his belief that in order to found a new independent brand it is necessary to get back to the roots and to the original courageous spirit of classic perfume making.

All the perfumes by Fluidounce are aromatic activators of memories and relationships, true to a brave personal self-expression. They urge you to action and contemplation. The nu_be collection is then also a sort of periodic table of basic elements. Each of them refers to a different trace in the memory of the universe and thus helps achieve a deep connection with the beginnings of everything.

The nu_be collection is based on the conviction that out of all our senses the sense of smell has the best ability to connect us with our human origins and to cancel the borders of time and space. The nu_be perfumes are a brave sensory project creating an unusual world, the universe of discoveries and opportunities to touch the essence of our origins.

The nu_be perfumes, created in the eau de parfum concentration, search and capture the dramatic story of the beginning through individual basic elements (water, helium, lithium, carbon, oxygen, sulfur, and mercury). Top perfume makers such as Francoise Caron, Sylvie Fischer, Antoine Lie, and Nicolas Bonneville participated in its creation, and their creative aromatic representations of the elements are distributed in attractive and simply designed flacons with the chemical designation of the corresponding elements.

Do you long not only for luxurious aromas but also for deep exploration of the beginning and sense of it all?

Discover the connection with the very origins of everything through this aromatic periodic table – eau de parfums from the absolutely unique nu_be collection

nu_be – At the beginning there were aromas…

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