Odori perfumes | Odori is another story by a very talented perfume maker Enzo Galardi who keeps coming up with new ideas. After his very successful Bois collection, in 2006 he started another project called Odori. This whole collection of fragrances is designed as a tribute to Florence, as Enzo tried to express the history of this city and its mysterious essences. The perfumes by Odori are based on original formulas by the Galdari family, which has been dealing in perfume making since the beginning of the 20th century. The Odori collection consists of 6 eau de toilettes, each of them presenting an unusual story of the city of Florence and its surroundings. Enzo’s uniqueness and mastery is presented through original elements, such as handmade leather caps for flacons and interesting combinations of wood and glass. Each perfume and its package is exclusively handmade.

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