Orlane is a luxurious French brand focusing on anti-aging products. Regeneration, stimulation and hydration – these are the basic magic formulas for beautiful skin at every age. Orlane cosmetic has deserved a reputation of a prestigious, highly effective, safe and innovative brand. It prides itself on cooperation with scientific teams and dermatologists and flexible use of new medical discoveries. Its goal is to enable skin cells to act and function like cells of young skin.

Orlane was founded immediately after the Second World War by Jean D'Albret and launched its first cream containing anti-aging active ingredients in the very same year (1947). Since the very beginning of its existence it has been a pioneer in manufacturing products focused on fighting against skin aging and it still maintains a leading position in this field. The name of the brand was inspired by the character of the Duchess of Guermantes, Oriane, in Proust’s Rememberance of Things Past. Ever since then the name of Orlane has been eponymous with elegance, grace and beauty. In 1968, Orlane celebrated its 21st anniversary and it launched one of the most legendary cosmetic products ever in the same year. With is slogan “Be twenty-one”, the first cream for mature skin named B21 became a world famous cosmetic hit and was one of the most expensive creams in the world it that time.

Today, Orlane's portfolio is full of products for different skin types and purposes. There is one thing they all have in common – a unique formula full of bioactive ingredients with a patented natural complex. The best-sellers include Orlane Daily Stimulation Eye Makeup Remover Lotion that gently removes eye makeup and revitalizes the skin. Orlane Anagenese 25+ Program cream actively combats the appearance of the first signs of aging. It activates collagen production, thereby supporting effective regeneration of skin cells. It intensively smooths the skin and leaves it supple and smooth to the touch. Light Smoothing Cream from Orlane Oligo Vitamin Program soothes sensitive skin, brightens it up and provides it with minimum recommended dose of vitality and energy it needs. It protects even the most sensitive skin from damage and prevents it from irritation. Also toners, firming and rejuvenating serums, gentle exfoliators and moisturizing masks are popular.

It is worth investing into Orlane products, if you want to try and use the most effective formulas to care for your skin and maintain its energy, vitality and a youthful appearance. Orlane cosmetics is not the cheapest, but it will definitely pay off. It is a bet on a winning horse.

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