Profumi Del Forte

Profumi del Forte perfumes | Profumi del Forte – Perfumes inspired by magical Tuscany. It is the first collection of fragrances of Italian perfumes studio Torre, inspired by the timeless style of Tuscan seacoast area called Versilia. The Profumi del Forte perfumes, full of style and harmony, embody the lifestyle of this beautiful region and memories of magical moments from the vacation spent at the sea.

The Torre brand was established by Enzo Torre in 2007 in Forte dei Marmi, a seacoast town located in the very heart of one of the most elegant Italian resorts. He was inspired by amazing local diverse countryside and influences and fragrances of this region. From the very beginning, he guided his studio – related to ancient traditions of perfume-making – to the best quality possible.

Profumi del Forte, the first collection of fragrances, was created using the best materials that were thoroughly selected and manually processed. Enzo Torre also focuses on the style and packaging of his products. The Profumi del Forte perfumes for those able to appreciate the uniqueness and quality are whispers of feelings and drops of sensuality.

Enzo Torre has been exploring aromatic impulses of magical Tuscany to transform them into perfumes of high quality. He is inspired by the richness of local knowledge and artistic prowess in order to create modern fragrances embodying the spirit of the present and trying to reach perfection. The philosophy behind the Torre brand and its Profumi del Forte perfumes is to express the most excellent Italian works. Enzo has been applying it while focusing on artistic prowess, individual sensitivity, attention to details, balance, and design.

The perfumes from the Profumi del Forte collection have distinctive hallmarks of Italy. Their composition, the selection of the best extracts and ethereal oils from all over the world, use of natural materials such as marble, stone, wood or blown glassware – all these are signs of exclusiveness and pleasure for both senses and spirit.

The Profumi del Forte perfumes capture magical experiences, evoke emotions and passions, and take you to the magical countryside where the eden of Tuscany meets the Mediterranean.

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