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Our products are reviewed by thousands of real customers who have tried, tested and helped us approve each and every product we sell with an unbiased point of view. To ensure we deliver abundant and authentic reviews in real-time, we’ve partnered with TrustPilot to help our customer’s leave their feedback so we can concentrate on curating a marketplace that speaks to our customers wants and needs.

Our community of beauty trendsetters, bloggers, makeup artists, hairstylists, estheticians, dermatologists, and beauty influencers have tested and recommended the finest beauty products in the world, separating the standouts from the tens-of-thousands of others on the market. The result is a marketplace of verifiable beauty must-haves, approved by those who know best.

These trailblazing beauty insiders have sprayed, smeared, scrubbed and stroked thousands of our nearly 30,000 products on Notino, so you also get to shop in confidence by scanning through thousands of professionally-tested beauty products. And we’re adding more reviews from our leading insiders, every day! Check back often to read more reviews from customers like you as well as our top-tier insiders!

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