Rexona – your guaranteed sweat protection. The Rexona brand belongs to Unilever – one of the largest makers of foods and of body and home care products in the world. Rexona is the world’s best-selling brand of deodorant and antiperspirant products.

Rexona’s patented MOTIONSENSE technology enables their products to be a step ahead of many competing products, and also ahead of sweat itself – they protect from sweat’s unwanted effects. That’s because Rexona contains microcapsules that are released from the surface of your underarms gradually when you’re at rest, and quickly when you’re in motion. Motion also breaks them open, releasing their scent.

Rexona offers a wide range of antiperspirants for women and men. You can suit your preferences with a choice of solid, spray, and ball-type antiperspirants, and a variety of scents and special effects as well. Popular choices include the Crystal Clear line with its anti-streaking formula, and the Dry line with 48-hour sweat protection. No matter which Rexona antiperspirant you choose, you can be sure it was made to keep your underarms feeling fresh and dry all day long.

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