Sensai Silky Purifying Step One Cleansing Oil

  • Sensai Silky Purifying Step One Cleansing Oil
  • Sensai Silky Purifying Step One Cleansing Oil 1
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    Description of beauty product Sensai Silky Purifying Step One







    for all types of complexion




    Sensai Silky Purifying Step 1 cleansing oil is the first step of the treatment to make your skin perfectly clean, treated, and fine. This light purifying oil removes all impurities from skin on an oily basis, such as permanent and other make-up, and removes excess sebum. It soothes skin and prepares it for next step in its treatment.

    This special cleansing treament in the form of Silky Purifying Step 1 oil hydrates skin and beautifully brightens it. Its light composition adds no stress, doesn't clog pores, and causes no irritation. It makes your skin fine, smooth, and naturally flexible. It contains a special substance - Koishimaru silk - to perfectly hydrate and smooth your skin.

    Silky Purifying Step 1oil is enriched with extracts and oils that perfectly help remove decorative cosmetics and other impurities from skin. It's easy to wash off and leaves no unpleasant greasy feeling. It comes with a very convenient pump to make its application comfortable.

    Silky Purifying Step 1 removes all impurities from clogged pores so that your skin may breath and receive nutrients more easily. It perfectly cleanses your skin to prevent occurence of inflammations, rash, and acne, frequently caused by clogged pores. Clean your skin to keep it healthy, beautiful, and attractive!


    • removes impurities from skin on oily basis
    • prepares skin for next step in treatment of skin
    • hydrates and nourishes skin
    • beautifully brightens skin
    • treats skin gently; no clogged pores
    • no irritation of skin
    • softens skin and makes it naturally flexible
    • no greasy feeling; easy to wash off with water
    • unclogs pores
    • prevents emergence of inflammations, rash, and acne


    • precious Koishimaru silk – stimulates production of hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin and make it smooth and naturally flexible
    • extract from almonds – gently treats skin and makes it smooth and firm
    • orange oil – helps unclog pores, perfectly dissolves grease, smoothes skin

    Type of skin:

    Suitable for all types, mainly greasy type, prone to clogged pores.


    Apply in the evening on face and neck and massage softly into skin. Wash off properly!

    About the brand Sensai

    Founded in 1887, Sensai is a cosmetic company which belongs to Japanese subsidiary Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. Originally, the company functioned as textiles and cosmetics producers.  The cosmetic production transformed into what is now known as Sensai. 

    Several series of exotic creams, emulsions and other products have been enriched with large amounts of natural, organic substances that have positive effects on women’s skin.  Sensai cosmetics are remarkable for their fragility and exceptional glamour. 

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