Tangle Teezer

One must not only use the proper shampoo and conditioner, but also the proper brush.  Tangle Teezer is a very unique hair care brand that uses a specially designed brush for wet and dry hair brushing.  hide text

Using the Tangle Teezer, you can achieve perfectly brushed hair without damaging or tangling hair.  The special bristles serve great for all hair types---even messy or wavy hair!  Tangle Teezer has become a world-famous, hairstyling-megastar!

So, who is the brilliant designer behind the Tangle Teezer?  British hairstylist Saun Pulfrey introduced the innovative brush as a prototype in 2004, not receiving much interest from investors.  However, he refused to give up and a year later, the e-shop Boots was attracted by the invention and started selling the basic black Tangle Teezer brush.  The pink version brought a complete revolution and suddenly, Tangle Teezer brushes were everywhere, receiving one award after another.

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