Vero Profumo

Vero Profumo Perfumes | Vero Profumo – unique luxury fragrances full of character and sensuality. Vero Profumo (.vero.profumo.) is a Swiss line of niche perfumes which follows the tradition of the most luxurious classic aromatic creations with its conception. Vero Profumo perfumes are characteristic for their high content of natural ingredients and very high concentrations. The brand describes itself as being the result of a happy union between traditional procedures putting emphasis on manual production and modernity with its advanced technologies. Absolutely unique, first-class, high-quality and luxurious perfumes arise from this union.

Vero Profumo was founded by perfume designer Vero Kern in 2007. Scents were an important part of this remarkable woman's life since her childhood, when she intensively perceived them and was immersed in them wherever she went. She was born in Switzerland in 1940 and originally started her career in pharmacy. Many years later, she started to occupy herself with aromatherapy. There was only a step from there to her new direction of life – perfumery – which she devoted herself to with the basic idea of fragrances being the tools to awaken emotions.

Today, Vero Profumo has more than ten exclusive and absolutely unique perfumes in its portfolio, all of them created by Vero Kern. The first one, an aromatic fragrance for women Kiki, launched in 2007, is a perfect gift for original customers who love French charm. One of the most successful creations of the Vero Profumo brand is an enchanting eau de parfum for women Rozy, a fragrance for those who are seeking for the lost paradise.

The Vero Profumo perfumes are based on the belief of this brand's founder that fragrances reach much further that to what sense or words can embrace. The secret of Vero Profumo fragrances, unconventional blends of pure, high-quality materials, is mainly timeless charm, sophisticated beauty and highly individual character. Not just Vero Profumo fragrances, but also their packagings are very original. Vero Kern had the perfume bottles created by glass makers from Normandy just the way she wanted them to look. Their shape is a reminiscence of 1940s and their colour is created by an old traditional method and selected to protect the valuable contents in the best possible way. Their design is characteristic, impossible to overlook and unforgettable.

Check out the portfolio of Vero Profumo and choose one of the eaux de parfum born out of the very personal, peculiar, passionate and intimate relationship of their creator to each of them. Any breathtaking aromatic creation by Vero Profumo will be much more to you than just a perfume… “I create high-quality fragrances both artistic and aesthetically wise, which have to satisfy my high standards – as well as those of my clients. I go my own way hundred percent and do not follow any trends. I’m looking for originality, opulence and eroticism in scents. They have to surprise and to touch me. I love everything that reminds of the smell of skin.”

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