Waterproof Eyeliner

Enjoy perfect eye makeup on a hot summer day, in the pool or sauna, or in the rain! Quality waterproof eyeliner makes your eyes look great even in the hardest conditions.

Choosing a proper waterproof eyeliner

Start by picking the best way to apply it. Do you prefer waterproof eyeliner pen,  waterproof gel eyeliner, or  waterproof   liquid eyeliner? Liquid and gel eyeliners require accuracy, but create precise makeup results. In contrast, an eyeliner pen is very easy to use.

Next, choose the right shade. Have fun and experiment! We offer classic black eyeliner as well as waterproof eyeliner in blue, brown, purple, and gold.

Do you prefer a classic eyeliner pencil? Check out our waterproof eyeliner pencils!

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  • Liquid eyeliners
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